Tuesday, January 18, 2011

52 First Dates: Week Thirty-Two

How was your date last week?  Did you spend your pennies wishing away?  What did you wish for?  Did you learn something new about your spouse?  Did any of your wishes come true???

We spent our date on vacation and we're still on vacation till tonight.  So I really won't have much of a chance to update you on it till later.  Sorry!  I hope you had a great time and really enjoyed another week of dating your spouse.  Thirty-two weeks we've been pouring our time and resources into stregthening our marriages.  Thirty-two weeks of learning and growing... what a challenge and what a privelege.

I'm getting sappy so let's move on to this week's challenge.

This week's going to be easy on you.  Pick one of our past dates that you were unable to complete or would like to repeat.  This is a chance to get out there and repeat those special moments that make your marriage work.  And for a reminder, here's how we've been dating:

Wk 10: Bucket List
Wk 11: First Words
Wk 12: Love Letters
Wk 13: Review Week
Wk 14: Home Date
Wk 17: Stargazing
Wk 18: Group Date
Wk 19: Spa Date
Wk 20: Costumes!
Wk 26: Going Out
Wk 30: Love Notes
Wk 31: Pennies in the Fountain

So how's your dating life?


Amy said...

We are going on a date night well kind of. Our friends are having a party. Our little one will be with her grandparents..

You won my giveaway.. I e-mailed you.. I need your address so I can send it out to you..

Have a great day..

Amy said...

just checking in to see if you got my e-mail and sent your address. So I can get your stuff out to you. Hope all is well.

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