Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekend Links

This Week:

What I Made:  Pumpkin Sweet Potato Banana Bread (not bad)... #YTMM Collab video about budgeting in the kitchen...

What I'm Reading:  I just finished the book club book for February and it was incredible.  I was reading way too much and not getting much else done.  I just couldn't put it down.

What I'm Doing:  Making hearts for my kids' doors...  reading... :-) 

What I'm Watching: Friends... Youtube...

What I'm Enjoying:  Couch to 5K... memorizing state capitals with Lydia... 

What are you up to?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Door Hearts (Love Languages)

 photo DSC_0088_zpsvchhe0xp.jpg

This is a simple, inexpensive way I show love to my kids throughout the year, but especially during the month of February.  Each night I cut out a small heart from construction paper and write one thing I love about that child.  It can be anything from doing an activity with them, the way they treat their siblings, even a special moment we may have shared that day.  I try to look deeper than the obvious to really see areas they're growing in or may need encouragement in.  And it really forces me as well to look for the positive things that are happening in their lives.

 photo DSC_0087_zpshkcsbav6.jpg

Then I post it on their door each night before I go to bed and it's a special surprise for the morning.  It's fun to mix them together in a cluster to the kids have to read through all of them the next day in order to find the new one.  And it reaffirms the encouragement that I've been giving them all along.

This is a great way to keep speaking into your kids' character, besides the conversations you're having day in and day out.  And it's an especially fun way to love on your kiddos around Valentine's Day.

   photo DSC_0089_zps8jcnabsj.jpg

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Beyond the Silence {Review}

Lillian Porter has always dreamed for going to California.  After her parents died in the same pursuit, Lillian was left to be raised by her grandparents.  But the possibility was always there.  So upon reaching adulthood, Ms. Porter takes a job in Angels Camp as a nanny, leaving her recently widowed and bitter grandfather.  Determined to make her own way, she begins to wonder if this was such a great idea when she learns that her employer, Mr. Woody Colton, is suspected of killing his own wife.

Mr. Colton, on the other hand, is fighting his own battles: a town that's turned its back on him, and a young son who hasn't spoken since the murder.  Still it looks as though Lillian may be the answer to their prayers as his son, Jimmy, begins to laugh again, play like a little boy, and generally open back up to the world.

Until it happens a second time.... Mr. Colton's long time housekeeper is attacked and the rumors begin to resurface.  Is Woody simply a murderer who's deceiving Lillian?  Or is there someone more sinister lurking in the shadows?  And what does little Jimmy know that's keeping him in silence?

All in all, this was a very satisfying read.  It didn't take long to get wrapped up in the characters and storyline.  The plot of the story was quite original from what I've read and the treatment of a mentally challenged character, Harry, was genuine and respectful.  At times the characters were preachy, but their struggles were relatable and the story was interesting.  Overall, Beyond the Silence kept me engaged till the very last page.

*Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Money Saving Tips in the Kitchen/ #YTMM Collab

 Tips to help you save money in your kitchen

What are you favorite tips for saving money in the kitchen?

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