Monday, January 24, 2011

Made by Me Monday

Hey everyone,
How are you doing?  It's so nice to be here again on a regular schedule.  I missed all of you while I was gone.  Missed chatting and writing for the blog.  Missed the feedback and the friendships.  It was definitely nice to take some time away from the computer, but I'm happy to be writing again on a regular basis.

Our weekend was nice and relaxing after our time at Disneyland.  We caught up on laundry, homework, cleaning and gardening.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL.  So much for living in California.  One week we're in the 20 degrees and the next week it's so sunny we can hardly stand being inside.  

I spent quite a bit of time helping Noah catch up on independent study for school, but I also had a fun, quick Valentine's day project to work on.  Easy, quick, affordable... that's my mantra these days.  Well, that was my goal anyways.  We ended up making a quick trip to see my sister in law instead.  She had her baby three weeks early so we ran down to see the family.  Project... well, that just fell by the wayside for the time being.  I'll work on it tonight and post on Friday so you can see how truly easy it is.

For now, let's start linking up.  Write a blog post highlighting your project with a link back here so that others can join in on the fun.  Then link up below to the blog post itself.  You can post more than one project; just add more than one link.  So let's start partying!

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