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Creative2xmom Family Beach Trip July 2010

My name is a Lee and I'm married to a fantastic man named Dave.   As life is always an adventure, we met on a mission trip to Ukraine in 2000.  Since then we've both been captured by that foreign land and dream of the day our kids will be old enough to travel.

I'm also the mother to a rambunctious little boy, Noah (Oct 2005), and a sweet little girl, Lydia (Dec 2007).  Noah is my all-boy, afraid of nothing, won't back down, taking the world by storm kind of kid.  He's got a little bit of his mama's stubbornness and his daddy's sense of adventure which makes for a crazy combination.  I'm constantly praying that God will just help me to keep him channeled in the right direction.

Lydia is just the opposite.  Still has that stubbornness, but she's much more cautious.  Sweet, perfectionist, girlie to the max, my prayer for her is that she would learn boldness and courage to step into everything God has for her.

We are also the parents of our little adopted miracle Josiah (Sept 2011) who officially became part of our family in November 2014.  Like his older brother, Josiah has never met a stranger and is most comfortable in a crowd of people.  Through prayer, we hope to see him grow in son-ship and take on any challenges the world has to offer.

We currently make our home in the beautiful Northwest,... FAR Northern California to be more specific.  Our lives are filled with ministry, craftiness, books, music, and chasing and raising these three beautiful treasures.

Creative2xmom is all about inspiring and encouraging women in creativity and homemaking.  Being raised by strong women myself, I am excited to share with other women the beauty and joy of blessing our families by creating a "home."  The Lord has also lead this blog into being an outlet for encouraging women to follow whatever dreams/ passions He has for them.  "For I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not be fear; I will help you." (Isaiah 41:13).  Creative2xmom is dreamt to be a place where women can hear, "The Lord has called you.  Do not fear."

If you have an questions, comments, suggestions or are in need of prayer, feel free to email me.

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