Tuesday, September 28, 2010

52 First Dates: Week Sixteen

Well, I bet you had some interesting conversations last week.  What kind of spiritual legacy do you want to leave behind?  I think this is one of those conversations you have to have.  People grow and change and have their world view rocked so much in their lives.  And it affects their marriages.  If you're not having these deep conversations now and again, problems are bound to sneak up on you.  And you'll begin to wonder, just who this person is that you're married to.  Plus it's built in accountability and support when you're asking the questions "What are you being called to?"

Dave and I have these conversations often, but posing the question, "What spiritual legacy are we leaving behind?", that's a whole other story.  We want to raise healthy kids who love God and love his people.  We want to embrace how ever God would grow our family.  We want to lead people to Christ.  We want to be productive members in our community and not hide inside our four walls.  And this looks like a variety of things.  Some really scary.  And some so comfortable that we find ourselves charging ahead.  Either way, having this conversation shows each of us how we can support the other and encourage what God is doing in us.  I love this exercise.

This week:

Let's bring out our artistic side.  I have two ideas that keep roaming around in my head and I can't seem to decide which one I want to do.  So I'll throw both of them out there and you can decide what you want to do.

First I was thinking about drawing pictures of each other.  No, I am not an accomplished artist and that's what I think would make this date so much fun.  I know that neither of our portraits would come out masterpieces, but it's fun and silly.  And how often do you spend that long looking at each other?  What a fun excuse to just spend time looking into each others eyes.

The second idea would be to just get the art supplies out and create something together.  Scissors, glue, tape, glitter, markers,... finger paints... finger paints are very sensual.  Create something together.  There's something beautiful about two people creating together.  It's intimate.

So what will you choose?  Are you enjoying the 52 First Dates?  What are you learning about your spouse?

And don't forget to check out this month's Rhythms of Grace.  Truly inspiring.

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