Tuesday, November 9, 2010

52 First Dates: Week Twenty-Two

So did you find a couple to meet with last week?  How did it go?  What did you learn?

Don't forget to share with us what you're learning.  We're all here to strengthen our marriages so lets work together and share.  You might have ideas that I've never heard before and I'd love to have my marriage improved by something I can learn from all of you.

We had a wonderful meal with another couple last week.  It's just nice to get to know another couple that's been there.  As we know, there's nothing new under the sun.  There's nothing that we're going through that's new and it's encouraging to hear from others how they've dealt with similar situations.

And it's awesome to know there's another couple out there that knows a bit more about our story.  To know there's another couple out there that's supporting us and supporting us in prayer.  To know they've got our back.  It's a good feeling.  :-)

Are you ready for this week's challenge?

This week is going to be the converse of last week's challenge.  Find some young people to hang out with this week.  Take them out to lunch.  Have them over for pizza.

This isn't necessarily a couple's date, although it could be.  But it could also be a couple of young single people.  Dating or single, newly married or not, young people need to see a couple that's fighting for their marriage, a couple that's fighting for each other.  Young people need examples of strong marriages and couples that will do what it takes.  So be that example!

Have them over, spend some time with them, let them see the give and take.  And just laugh together and support each other in whatever it takes.  Continue that chain of strong marriages supporting strong marriages.

How are your relationships changing?  What are you learning?

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