Tuesday, July 6, 2010

52 First Dates: Week Four

How there, tourist?  Did you hit the streets of your own town?  What did you find?  What kind of conversation did it stir up between you and your spouse?

Can I make a horrible confession? Our week was short with visiting family out of town on the weekend and ... well, we didn't get a date night this week.  Unfortunately, it also showed in our attitude with each other.  We've never been ones to have a regular date night, but after just a few weeks, it's become an important part of our relationship.  I missed out on this one and will have to revisit it with my hubby in the future.

This week it's time to whip out the board games.  Or deck of cards, if you'd like.  Invite another couple over and split the babysitter.  Or wait until the kids go to bed and make it a date just for the two of you.

My hubby and I love playing board games and cards, but it's all kind of gone by the wayside since we had kids.  Game night now looks like a half finished game of Hi-Ho Cherry-O and interupted conversation.  But when it's just me and him... watch out!  We can get super competitive ... and we have a great time doing it.

So make it interesting.  Beat with M&M's, ... beat with other things.  Keep your comments family friendly, but feel free to let your imagination run with this one.

Have a great date night!

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1 comment:

Hannah said...

It's been so long since hubby and I played a board game together...need to do this soon! Thanks for the reminder!


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