Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My 2011 Goals

As I sit here thinking about all that I wanted to accomplish in 2011, my thoughts are jumbled.  There's always more to do than time to do it, I say, and this year seems to sum that up accurately.  Or at least the next couple of months.  Maybe that will be my theme with God this year: breaking my perfectionism.

Nonetheless, I have so much that I want to accomplish so I'll try to be precise and not too long winded.  Good luck, huh?

Nutrition: An area true after my heart...

1. Learn more about sprouting seeds, legumes, and grains--I said this last year and I looked up some resources, but never got around to read them.  Here's to this year.

2. Convert 4-5 items in our grocery list to organic, as budget allows.

3. Incorporate one seafood dish a week into our diet--Last year we made this bi-weekly.  This year, I want more.

Writing: Dug deep into my life

1. Manage and budget my time blogging--Naps and bedtime are my friends.  Plan posts once month in advance and write posts one week in advance.

2. Spend some time writing outside of blogging--Two hours a week as schedule allows, work on an e-book

Me and God: Essential to my soul

1. Devour good books--I have a list and I'm hoping to hit at least 10.

2. Return to a regular devotional time-read through the bible in one year, memorize 12 verses with kids. 

3. Continue in MOPS or develop a Christian women's group

Me and My Man: Strengthening our marriage

1. Plan a once a week time for being together and learning about each other.

2. Read 3 books together.

Me and My Kids: My highest calling

1. Home school/Supplement Pre-school for Lydia and Kindergarten/1st grade for Noah

2. Once a month dates with the kids

3. Finish reading Little House on the Prairie series with them

The Local Church: Willingness to be used

1. Continue extending home in moments of hospitality

2. Continue making women's ministry phone calls

Now it's your turn. What are you committing to this year? How do you want to see you and your family's health improved this year? How do you want to see your life change?  What's developing on the horizon?  Where do you want to begin making changes?

Link up and see what others are saying at Makin' Some Changes 2011.

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