Tuesday, August 24, 2010

52 First Dates: Week Eleven

Hey everyone,
How did your date night go last week?  Did you create a bucket list?  Where there any items on there at surprised you?

I have to be honest in saying we missed this one.  We had family in town last weekend and hubby started his new job so he's working nights.  Our date night routine is certainly going to need some tweaking if it's going to survive.

We have done a bucket list in the past.  Somethings were little: visit the Grand Canyon, enter the cooking division at the fair, etc.  Somethings were big: visit several foreign countries on mission trips, write an ebook, etc.  Ministry goals, business goals, fun goals, personal goals, marriage goals.  Goals that would require both of us to bend and hopefully not break.

I hope this exercise brought up a lot of good stuff for you.  I know in the past it's brought up exciting things and scary things, but all good as we've worked together and brought us closer to being on the same page.

Are you ready for a new challenge?

This date requires a little prep work on your part.  On small slips of paper, you're going to write the following words:
color, vacation, music, chore, children, parents, family, friends, talent, childhood, store, candy, sport, winter, summer, spring, fall, outdoors, restaurant, habit, house, birthday, pets, food, late night, read, watch, listen, taste, drink, ... other words you want to throw in as well.

Write each word on a slip of paper, fold it in two, and throw it in a bowl/a hat/ something to mix them up in.  Take turns drawing words from the bowl and just say the first word that comes to your mind.  Don't think; just say the first word that pops into your head.  Is it funny, is it serious, is it bizarre?  Let your mind go and see where the conversation takes you.

Bonus points this week if you're still working on couch time.  If not, make a special effort this week to work on that habit.

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