Thursday, March 5, 2009

Real Resolutions for Moms: Part Eight

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"When my children have witnessed something ugly in me- unkind words, an angry temper, "harmless" gossip, biting sarcasm, or even my infamous "mommy pout" when things don't go my way- I will confess it as sin before seeking their forgiveness, for by this my children will develop the much needed habit of wiping their spiritual slate clean before God and man."

We live in a society that tends to look down on confession. It seems we view it as a sign of weakness. And so we are very careful to hide our mistakes, or belittle our wrongdoings. We say, "Oh, it's not a big deal" or "It's only harmless gossip" or "I can't be held responsible for that." It's rare that people confess, especially to their children.

How often I've had to apologize to my kids for being sarcastic or at a loss for patience or just plain "ugly." It's very humbling. I never want to do it, but then I remember that I don't model it for them, who will? If I'm not willing to confess it as sin and ask for forgiveness, what type of people will I be raising?

"Lord, make me quick to call my sin out, even in front of my kids. Maybe I remember that little eyes are watching, and little ears are listening. Remind me that my every action models for them an attitude of self-reliance or total dependence on You. And may my actions always speak louder than my words."

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