Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Orange Smoothies

Well, it's finally happening... people around here are looking at me like I'm going crazy.

What's the problem? Our cupboards are starting to go bare. Or at least as bare as one can get on a modest income in the richest country in the world. But that's another post...

I haven't been grocery shopping in so long. I'm spoiled. I'll admit it. I wait until late at night, kids and hubby tucked in bed, and do my grocery shopping in peace. But lately, I just haven't had the get up and go to... well,... get up and go. I've been tired myself (despite my usual night owl tendencies) and just haven't had the umph to do it.

Most meals have been ok, but breakfasts have required some creativity. Big Boy, who is used to a constant flow of yogurt and cottage cheese, or at least a baked good, has been close to rioting. I haven't even had the desire to bake. Now that I'm writing this, I'm becoming concerned myself. Anyways...

Rummaging through the cupboards this morning, I think we came up with a new favorite:
Orange Smoothies paired with whole wheat toast and jelly

I've posted the Orange Smoothies on my menus for some time, but hadn't actually gotten around to them till today. I cut the milk to 1/3 c. and upped the juice to 1 2/3 c. hoping for a tart flavor, but found the creaminess to still be prevalent and can't imagine how creamy they would have been had I followed the original recipe. I also added some frozen blueberries for a more complex flavor.

We pair it with a piece of toast (sorry Uncle Caleb, we were out of our own) and some jelly. Full, well-rounded, quick and found in my pantry. And better yet, I don't think anyone missed the morning yogurt.

Eating out of my cupboard Works for Me.

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Nancy said...

I enjoyed this post...especially your writing!
The orange smoothies and toast sound delicious right now! Thanks!

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