Monday, March 16, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

So I had a totally different menu planned for tonight. A totally different tackle planned for today. Then yesterday (Monday) it hit me. Today's St. Patrick's Day. I had completely forgotten. So now I'm scrambling.

The kids and I ran to pick up some corned beef and some lime sherbert. Corned beef, cabbage, and shamrock shakes became the new goal and mission. Two stores, one hour, and an extra box of popsicles, we were on our way. We couldn't find the lime sherbert for the Shamrock Shakes, but I highly recommend them if you can find it. Looks like we'll be making a stop at McDonald's later today to fulfill that tradition.

So today's mission, one I'm gladly accepting, is to make Corned Beef in the Crockpot. I'm using this recipe from Crockpot 365. There are lots of other recipes out there, but this is the one I settled on and put together in the crockpot last night. Now just to smell the goodness all day.

Big Boy is in school this morning, but we'll do Shamrock Shakes later and a treasure hunt for prizes and paper money.

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Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

We might just have to stop somewhere for some lime sherbert. I have some Sprite on hand that I was going to add with the sherbert, but I kind of think this one sounds a little more yummy! Thanks for sharing...

Susie said...

Sounds like a great St. Patrick's Day!!

BarbaraLee said...

Great! Someone who eats cornbeef. What is it? I hear about it all the time but never knew.

Anonymous said...

St. Pat's a big deal in our house. He's the patron saint of miners. My DH is a mining engineer. In years past I always made corned beef and cabbage. My DH loves it, but the girls hated it. I found a new recipe online that included brown sugar, mustard and apple juice. I made it in the crock on Sat. and it was fabulous! I didn't hear one compliant! Happy St. Pat's!

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