Thursday, January 29, 2009

Real Resolutions for Moms: Part Four

In continuing with our Real Resolutions for Moms (part 2, part 3), we're continuing to delve into the idea of prayer.

"When times of crisis, conflict or confusion arise, I will hit my knees before I hit the phone knowing that by my example my children will discover that although friends are important, God alone is the one who holds the solution to life's every problem."

As relational creatures, God has designed us to grow and learn from each other. Friends are a true blessing and community is the model of who God is. I am continually blessed by the friends that God has brought into my life.

However, friendship crosses the line when we come to rely on our friends to fill a place that was only designed to be filled by God.

Did you hear that? There is a place in our lives specifically orientated to only be filled by God. Only God.

So when problems arise, where do you turn first? To those friends who are a great blessing, or to the only one who has all the answers?

This was recently illustrated for us on our trip to my mom's over New Years. As we were traveling and having car trouble, I spoke up and asked Big Boy to pray with me. We prayed that our car would hold up, that we would be safe, and that we would find a mechanic to help us out. As we were in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service, we had no one to call on, but the Lord. The further I drove, the more I knew we'd have to stop. But all the more sure I became that the Lord was truly with us. Best thing, I was able to demonstrate to my kids that our only true and ultimate hope could be found in God.

"Lord, remind me that you are our ultimate hope. Bring me to my knees before you in every moment. May I demonstrate community to my children, but only after I've brought my requests to you in prayer. May this be something that I don't do only on the occasions that my children are watching, but on every occasion."

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The Steffen Family said...

You are SO right!! *hugs* You are awesome! :)

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