Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Ideas for the 2-5 Year Old Set

I love having younger kids.  They're imaginative, excited about life, and generally all around happy and forgiving.  If we could tone down the energy level a little or give Mommy more energy, this age range would be perfect.  So much for wishing.

While I love this group, they can be sometimes hard to buy for.  Interests and talents have yet to emerge.  Reading is just beginning.  And they really don't have the freedoms that older kids have.

"Wants" come and go in the moment so asking what they "want" is an exercise in futility.  And really?  What do they "need?"

In case you're in the same boat I find myself in every year, I thought I'd with you a few of our favorite ideas from the years past.  Hope it helps!

1. MegaBlocks, Lincoln Logs, and Tinkertoys-- My son loves to build.  These have provided hours of entertainment and keep his mind working.  Because they are so unstructured, he can come up with new combinations every time.  And it's not just a boy thing.  My daughter loves them as well.  Although she's not quite three, she loves coming up with her own combinations (with a little help of course).  The small Legos are still a little advanced, but these items do just fine.

2. Books, books, and more books--Our house is over run with books and we love it.  Each night we love sitting down on the couch together and reading as a way of ending our day.  Some favorite include: If you give a pig a pancake, God gave us You, Little Red Hen, and the Berenstein Bears.

3. Dress-up:  My kids love to dress up.  We have old Halloween costumes and a few items we've picked up at the thrift store.  Just looking around a thrift store you can come up with so many ideas: doctor, business man, sometimes mail man.  Go in with an open mind and see what you come up with.

4. Play dishes and food, kitchen if you have the space--Both of my kids love this one.  Last Christmas, their Great-Grandma bought them a kitchen.  It's barely sat still since.  They are in there all the time, creating new recipes, gather items for a picnic or playing restaurant.  Plus if you have two kids, it's a great way to see them working together.

5. Art supplies-- I'm constantly seeking out new art supplies.  Whether it's a new pack of clay colors or glitter glue, it's well loved around here.  Crayons, popsicle sticks, stickers, scissors, glue sticks, pom pom, ribbon, construction paper, beans, noodles, markers... you can't go wrong with any of it.  Package it with some ABC books from the dollar store and a promise to create one new craft a week and you have every preschoolers dream.

Hope these ideas get your mind going.  I know these items have been some of the biggest hits in our house and are well used.

What's on your preschoolers wish list this year?

*Disclaimer: I was NOT paid for this post or reimbursed in any way by these companies or Amazon.  These are just products that we love.

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