Tuesday, December 7, 2010

52 First Dates: Week Twenty-Six

So what did you do last week?  Did you make some family memories or act like a kid?  Since this challenge was so open ended, I'd love to hear some of your ideas.  I bet you creative people came up with all kids of activities.  So be sure to share with us this week.

This weekend was our annual Christmas parade through downtown.  So we bundled up the kids, packed some apple cider and snacks, and loaded the car with blankets and mittens.  We had a wonderful time.  The older the kids get, the more I think I enjoy the parade.  There was just a light sprinkling of rain so the crowds were really thinned out this year.  But it was so little that we hardly even noticed it.  I even remembered to take pictures this week.

 Noah dancing and waving at all the groups.

 Lydia and I staying warm.

 One of my favorites: so many lights.

Noah, Dada, and Lydia
Excited that the rain held off

We had a wonderful time.  And we just determined that we were going to enjoy ourselves.  No stress, enjoy the lights and music, and get out into the community.  It was an awesome date!

Are you ready for this week's challenge?

It's time to get dressed up and go out.  This season is full of Christmas parties.  Maybe you have one planned this week.  Maybe you just need to get out and go for drinks and appetizers.

Whatever your case may be, it's time to get all dressed up and fancy.  Pull out that sexy little outfit you've been dying to wear and do your makeup.  If it's not a party that's already on your calendar, why not surprise your spouse as well?

Get a babysitter, make the plans and meet your spouse at the door to whisk them away for a fun evening.

And don't forget to take pictures.  I need to get better about that one as well, so it's my challenge this week too.  Let us know how you're dating is going.  How's YOUR dating life?

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