Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 Weeks of Christmas: Altered Clipboard

I am a true scrapbooker at heart.  I love to craft and bake and cook.  I love to read and writing is pure joy.  But scrapbooking... that lies deep in my soul.

When I start thinking about Christmas gifts each year, it's often these types of scrapbooking/photo gifts that first come to mind.  I love sharing the memories of our family through photos.  It adds a personal touch that just can't be matched.  That's probably also why I insist on doing Christmas cards every year.  I love sharing our photos with others so they can see how we've changed and our family has grown.

Altered clipboards combine those loves for me: scrapbooking and photos.  And they're so versatile, quick, and personal, they make the perfect gift for so many.

Materials needed:
Clipboard (easily found at Walmart)
Decorative paper
Modge Podge
Hot glue gun
Various embellishments
1. For this clipboard I chose to paint it first.  After the paint dried, I added the stamp, casually stamped in random on the board.

2. Next I cut a strip of decorative paper and applied Modge Podge to the back, then adhered it to the board.

3. While the decorative paper was drying, I selected and matted my photos.  I like a little matting as it just helps the photos stand out.

4. I arranged my photos, quote and embellishments where I wanted them and then adhered them with Modge Podge.
5. Finally, after all those layers had dried, I created a zipper flower with the tutorial I found here.  I just liked the way it came out and thought it was a fun addition.

There's an unlimited way you can create these clipboards.  You don't have to use photos if you don't want to you.  You could use one or two different types of scrap paper to cover your board.  A monogram emblem would be very pretty for a teacher.  Ribbon could be added to the clip part.  Let your imagination run wild and see what different kinds of combinations you can come up with.

Have you ever created altered clipboards before?  If so, what was your style?


Johnlyn ~ Frugality and Homemaking said...

I posted about this last year. I'm a copy cat! I sprayed 1/2 of the board with chalkboard paint and then paper on the other half.

I use these year around on my fridge. I love them! My son sold them at his business fair at school.

I wish I could have more around my house without it looking like clipboards took over!

Marianne said...

I have altered a few clipboards, but not as nice as yours. It is always fun to see how others do theirs as it gives you ideas on how to do them next time.
If you visit my blog there should be a post on Christmas gifts 2010 where there is a picture of the ones I made.
Thanks for sharing at Holly Bloggy.

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