Tuesday, December 21, 2010

52 First Dates: Week Twenty-Eight

Ok, true confession time... I didn't date my husband last week.  Cookie cook-off... great idea.  Execution... impossible.  I thought we'd be able to get it on the calendar, but our week ended up being completely shot. Is anyone else feeling the pinch of planning dates during the holiday season?  We have been so busy.  We've been together, but have we really been together?  That's the catch of these dates... finding time to really be together.  So this week... flop for me, but hopefully you had a chance to date your spouse this week.  How did it go?  Did you have fun?

Ready for this week's challenge?

This week let's start a new Christmas tradition with our spouses.  Something for just the two of you.

*Champagne at Midnight on Christmas Eve

*Love Letters to each other

*Praying together under the tree and the lights

*Taking a quiet walk hand in hand in the snow

*Mailing each other Christmas cards

I know my mind is already turning through what I'd like to do with my husband.  We take all this time during Christmas for our kids and our families... why not take just a few moments with our spouses?  I'm so excited to have a few moments alone with my husband as we celebrate.

How will you be dating your spouse this holiday season?

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