Tuesday, April 26, 2011

52 First Dates: wk Fourty-Six

How's your dating life?  We've had lots of great ideas in this last section of dates so I thought it might be time for a "review" week.  Pick out a favorite date from the experiment or one you missed.  Take some time planning a date night for your spouse this week and invest an evening in your marriage.  Have fun, laugh lots, and make some memories.  Remember... it's what you invest now that will allow your marriage to thrive in the future.  Have fun!

Wk 1: Couch Time
Wk 10: Bucket List
Wk 11: First Words
Wk 12: Love Letters
Wk 13: Review Week
Wk 14: Home Date
Wk 17: Stargazing
Wk 18: Group Date
Wk 19: Spa Date
Wk 20: Costumes!
Wk 26: Going Out
Wk 30: Love Notes

So how's your dating life?

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