Tuesday, March 1, 2011

52 First dates: Week Thirty-Eight

So how was your date last week?

My prayer is that these challenges... these moments... these conversations would strengthen your marriage. That checking 52 First Dates each week wouldn't just SOUND like a good idea.  But rather that you'd put the ideas into practice and allow this time to really bring the two of you closer together.

A good marriage is a lot of work.  A great one is consuming.  But what better gift to give your family... and a world that is desperate to see healthy marriages.

So are you ready? Here comes this week's challenge.

Is this weather giving anyone else cabin fever? I certainly have. Why not turn it around and have a little fun with the season? Let's have a Winter Wonderland date.

Break out some of those Christmas lights (you knew they still were put away for some reason), drap some along the mantel, and add some candles.

Every good date needs food. Pick up some hot chocolate and add some apple nachos. Or whatever snack is unique to you. How about caramel apples? Or some of those girl scout thin mints, straight from the freezer(trust me, they're fantastic.

Do you have a Winter movie you love? Serendipity? While you were sleeping? Cool Runnings?  Be as creative as you'd like and play it up on the Winter theme.

Oh, and the vest part.. Since it's Winter, you just might find yourselves snuggling under the blankets to keep each other warm. Happy Dating!

1 comment:

Country Gal said...

I love winter dates with a good movie and a snuggle quilt! :)

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