Tuesday, March 29, 2011

52 First Dates: Week Forty-Two

How was your date last week?  Did you have a fun sleepover?

Hubby and I had a good time.  I thought about taking pictures, but it was too late.  We loaded up on some adult snacks (a good bottle of wine and carmel bugles), dug out the Scattergories, and pulled up some Cosby's on Netflix.   I love board games like Scattergories.  They bring up some great conversations and tend to stir up a lot of laughter.  It's a great way to build memories and still gain some wonderful insight into your spouse.  Taboo is another good conversation starter, both games that are older and easier to find cheaply.

Are you ready for a new challenge?

This week we're crossing the border.  We're going to Mexico!

What does that look like?

It can be something as simple as a lunch date at Taco Bell or something as full fledged as a three course home cooked meal.  We love Mexican food (heck, we love food!) so I'm looking forward to this one.

*Love Enchiladas?  Check out this one: Chicken Enchiladas
*Looking to go diet conscious?  Check out these: Fish Tacos
*Here are a few others:
Mexican Posole Lasagna
Pan Roasted Venison with Spicy Cranberry Mexican Cinnamon Sauce

*Desert: Mexican Rhubarb Chocolate Chunk Brownies
Mexican Style Chocolate Fondue
fruit fruit and Coconut frozen yogurt

Now that food is taken care of, pick up a cheap beach ball at the dollar store and write your invitation in dry erase marker.  Invite him on a cruise through Mexico.  Later greet him in your bathing suit with a yummy margarita.

*Lay out beach towels and build "sand" castles with Lego blocks.
*No need for sunscreen indoors... why not break out the massage oil?
*Put on some beachy music... Love the beach boys!

Also found this great virgin Pina Colada recipe (haven't tried it yet):
7 oz pineapple juice
2 oz coconut cream
and 1 c. crushed ice

Looking for a movie to round out your evening:
The Mexican
My Family Wedding

Have fun on your date this week!


Michelle said...

I SOOOOO want to do this with you!!!!! I don't remember to read my reader often enough to make that a good way to join this.

What to do, what to do?

I'll figure something out.

Oh wait...are you on facebook. Let me go check.

Michelle said...

So no facebook and subscription service, anyway. Boo!

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