Thursday, November 25, 2010

Twelve Weeks of Christmas: Advent Calendar

As we finish off the end of the turkey and roll out of the kitchen, I realize how quickly this year has gone.  My babies have grown into new people, seen new things, and I can't believe we're coming to the close of another year.

As November closes and December looms, there's always so many things I want to do with my kids.  I think it's the warmth of the season combined with the closing of another year that reminds me how I long to snuggle and make memories with my family.

And this month leaves no room for boredom.  There's more opportunities than there is time.  In an attempt to savor the season, we've started making an Activity Advent Calendar the past couple of years.  Nothing fancy, just a master list that I keep.  Just a reminder of all the things we "hope" to get done this year.  And hope is the operative word.  If it doesn't fit into the schedule or the night is a bust, no worries. The point is to soak in the season and make memories.  And if the dog gets sick and the kids can't find their shoes and the car won't start, toss it all out and pop in a Christmas movie.

This is what our Advent Calendar looks like this year:

Dec 1st--Visit a bookstore and find a special Christmas book to read together
Dec 2nd--Puzzle Night
Dec 3rd--Family Movie Night: Little House on the Prairie Christmas
Dec 4th--Christmas Parade
Dec 5th--Read the Christmas story and set up the nativity set
Dec 6th--Invite our dollies and teddies to a special dinner with the family
Dec 7th--Make cookies
Dec 8th--Carol our neighbor's homes and deliver cookies
Dec 9th--Visit the retirement home
Dec 10th--Family Movie Night: Walton's Christmas
Dec 11th--Pray for the Persecuted Church
Dec 12th--Drive and look at Christmas lights/ pack hot chocolate
Dec 13th--Make dinner for breakfast and eat in jammies
Dec 14th--Lay in front of tree and read Christmas stories
Dec 15th--Make Christmas cards for teacher, gym teacher, SS teachers
Dec 16th--Wrap completed Christmas presents/pray for family members
Dec 17th--Family Movie Night: Whatever Christmas special is on TV or Rudolph
Dec 18th--Monkey Bread Breakfast for first day of Christmas break/ also Lydia's Birthday Party
Dec 19th--
Dec 20th--Let your light shine--How do we do this?
Dec 21st--Lydia's Birthday: Queen for the day
Dec 22nd--Print and color Christmas pictures
Dec 23rd--Make a birthday card for Jesus
Dec 24th--Make birthday cupcakes for Jesus
Dec 25th--Celebrate Christmas Day!

Other ideas:
YMCA Christmas party
Make peanut butter play-doh
Make a fort and read books
Take out Samartian's Purse Catalogue and pick a project
Go to the downtown light display
Surprise another family with dinner (set up with parents first)

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