Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bonding with Baby in Pregnancy

Being pregnant was a strange sensation for me, both the first and second times.  I remember the back pain and the nausea.  Physically it was rough.  Physically I didn't enjoy it.

But there's something special about having a life grow inside you.  I can remember the first time my husband felt Noah kicking inside my tummy.  We were at a show and the drums started and the music started.  The whole place was shaking with the rhythm and he suddenly burst into dance.  My husband and I were delighted at this little insight into his personality.  A lively dancing little boy.

Babies start bonding with their mommies from the moment of conception.  They hear our voices.  They sense our moods.  We eat together, travel together, sleep together.  But sometimes, especially in difficult pregnancies, it can be hard for us Mommies to feel that bonding from our end.

Taking a moment to savor this time is so essential.  Some of the best bonding moments for us were laying in bed at night, taking a few minutes to be still and just absorb the reality of it all.  I would speak words of affirmation, pray over my babies, or just rejoice with them that they would be in my arms soon.  This was especially important in my second pregnancy as I was chasing a 2 year old all day and couldn't take the time to be as attentive.

But then when they lay that baby in your arms, there's a moment of recognition that will sweep over you.  So this is the little one that you've been having conversations with this whole time.  This baby may look exactly as you had imagined or may look like their own branch of the family tree.  And even though it will still take to get to know each other better, there will be a connection there.  You'll marvel at how this baby turns toward your voice or becomes alert at a siblings laughter.  And within moments, you'll forget what it was like before this child was ever a part of your life.

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Keli said...

WONDERFUL post! Lots of moms wish their pregnacy would hurry up so the baby would get here faster, but it's so important to cherish evey moment of your pregnacny!

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