Tuesday, November 2, 2010

52 First Dates: Week Twenty-One

So how is your dating life?  Do you have any fun Halloween memories to share with us?

I have to confess.  I was really excited about doing this one... until it actually came to following through.  I didn't put everything together till the last minute so my costume idea bombed.  It just wasn't going to work. We still had fun taking the kids to the Halloween Carnival, but I really wish I would have been able to dress up and be goofy with my hubby.  We snuck in some laughs just the same.  Bingo, hula hoops, basketball shoots, etc... We had a fun time.  I love acting like a kid, with my kids.

Your challenge this week (should you choose to accept it):

Share a meal with a mentoring couple.  Find a couple that exemplifies a healthy marriage.  Look for a couple that you would like to emulate, a couple that has truly gone the distance.  It's also important to find a couple that has gone through different stages of life.  Spend some time building a relationship with them.  Ask the hard questions.  Find out what has helped them make it through the rough patches.  Let this time open the doors for future conversations.  Ideally this could open it up to a continuing supportive, mentoring relationship.

Are you up for the challenge?

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Amy said...

We try and have dinner when my husband does not work late. Glad you post this. Have a great night. Thanks for the Birthday wish for my little one.

Angela said...

Hi there! I love this idea of dinner with a mentoring couple! Fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration!

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