Friday, July 23, 2010

Share Your Summer Photos: Week Six

This week's topic was: What's on your front door?

When we moved into the house, the old owners had to replace the front door with a fire door.  So in their preparations, we ended up with a basic front door and no character.  Over last summer, we sanded down the door and picked out a stain we liked.  Since we put so much work into the door, we've been really picky about what kind of hook we want to put on it.  A year later, I still haven't one I like.

Luckily on the wall near our door is a nice little spot for hanging things above the mail slot.  This is what it looks like.

I love changing the decor with the seasons.  I have a Christmas wreath and we put our pumpkins and scarecrow under the mail slot in the fall.  I'm working on some more, but with two little ones, it just all takes time.  I love those homes who have something on the front door.  It just says so much about the people that live there.  I'd actually really like to get one of those vinyl signs that "Welcome."

So what's on your front door?

Let's start sharing.  Journal or don't journal, but do share with us what's going on in your house.  And don't forget to invite others to join in on the fun as well.

Next Week's Assignment:  What's in your summer bag?  Where are you going?

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