Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Practicing Hospitality: Let's Get Started

We're finally here.  I've been so excited to share this book with you.  So let's pick up Practicing Hospitality and start reading this week.  Our first chapter discussion is set for Thursday June 23.  That gives you a week to prayerfully read through chapter 1.  

Each week, I'll post a link up for us to discuss what we read as well as some practical ideas for implementing what we're learning.  By the title, this book is for practicing.  We're all starting at different places, but it's all about practicing, God meeting us where we are.

So for this week, here's a question to get you started:

Why extend hospitality?  Why is it important?  Is it important?

Where are you at in your journey: party at your house, sometimes hostess, once a year BBQ?

I can't wait to explore this topic with you.  So let's get started with Chapter 1 and I'll meet you back here next week.  Happy Reading!

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Anonymous said...

I will have to look for this book and join the journey. I really love having ppl over, from friends, family to my husbands coworkers. I have a passion to be a good host and offer a warm and friendly experience! Excited!

Sarah beth @

Danielle said...

I recently read "A Life That Says Welcome," which is similar in nature to Practicing Hospitality, I think. Our ministry situation causes us to have a living room full of college kids every night all summer, which has stretched and grown me immensely in this area. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book.

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