Sunday, June 26, 2011

Made by Me Monday

Hey y'all,
How was your weekend?  Where you at home or doing some summer travel?  I can't believe we're in the final week of June already.  Amazing!  

We had a nice little cool off this weekend.  Mid-90's and perfect for what we had planned.  The VBS that Noah had been attending did a big block party on Saturday and invited the surrounding neighborhood for a BBQ and party.  Noah was excited to show us what he'd been learning and it's a great opportunity to get out in the community.  We just had a great time.

Did a little crafting, a little baking, and lots of one on one time with the kids.  This past week was crazy with T-ball practice, gymnastics, home group, and meeting up with some gals.  So I tried to take a little more time to spend with the kids this weekend.  Tried to unplug more this weekend and did lots of reading.  Do other bloggers find that they're reading addicts too?  I love to read.

I spent some time last week doing a 4th of July round up that I'm posting tomorrow and came across this photo from last year.  I had completely forgotten about it.  We found ourselves at home last year and I wanted to make a flag cake.  But really, who needs an entire cake for two adults and two kids?  Let's not kid ourselves.  I would have eaten the whole thing by myself.  

So instead we made a 4th of July Jello "Cake."  Instead of cake, I mixed up two boxes of jello, let them set, and decorated with whipped cream and fruit.  It was SO good.  Plus with the triple digit temps, it was cool and refreshing.  So if you're looking for a twist on the flag cake, try this one.  It's Yummy!

Time for a crazy week.  We've got swim lessons, gymnastics, T-ball, home group, and a whole house load of family coming in for the weekend.  Yikes!

Here's what else we have going on this week:

Our Menu:
Monday: Healthier Chicken Parmesan, green salad
Tuesday: Grilled Veggie Sandwiches, pea salad
Wednesday: Orzo with Shrimp and peas
Thursday: BBQ Kebabs and pasta salad
Friday: ???
Saturday: Taco Salad
Sunday: Pizza Night

Projects I'm tackling this week:
Finishing Disney album
Prepping food
Cleaning house for company

Posts coming up this week:
Round-up of 4th of July ideas
Next book club post
2011 Summer Photo Challenge
and Much More!

This will be the last Made By Me Monday for awhile.  I'll be taking a break while the summer months are busy.  I'll still be posting projects here and there, but no link-up for a season.

So let's send this Made By Me Monday out with a bang.  Time to start partying.  Write a blog post highlighting your project with a link back here so that others can join in on the fun.  Then link up below to the blog post itself.  You can post more than one project; just add more than one link.  Are you ready?

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