Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twelve Weeks of Christmas: Little People Playset

If you have a little girl in your life that is anything like mine, she's all about princesses and castles and fairy tales.  My daughter is only two and already, it's fancy dresses, Cinderella, and singing mice.  And she loves pretending.  

I came across a similar project earlier in the year and knew that I wanted to make one for Lydia based on a princess theme.  This was a super easy project that took no time at all.

I started with a small wooden case from Michael's.  They're only about $1-2 and group it with a %40 off coupon.  I painted it a light pink and added the purple detailing with a pen.  The case also has fancy lettering with the words... "Once Upon A Time."

The inside is lined with white felt, adhered with Modge Podge.  The castle scene is pink cut felt, layered again with Modge Podge and detailed with purple pen.

The little people came in a pack of three wooden pieces, again from Michael's or Jo-ann's with a coupon.    They have felt clothing, yarn hair, and pen detailed faces.  The princess has a pearl necklace cut from beading, the prince has a shield in contrasting felt (not visible in photo), and the dragon has a tail with yellow diamonds down the back.  The details were adhered with wood glue on these pieces.

All three pieces fit nicely in the case for portability.  Plus since the case is lined with felt on both sides, it makes for quiet play in church, meetings, etc.

There's all kinds of different sets you could make out of this: prairie, manger scene, miniature family, etc.  Michael's has lots of little wooden pieces that could be added as well, including pets.    I've been thinking of making a second set for Operation Shoebox.  Wouldn't that be a great addition?

How is your Christmas crafting going?  Any ideas to share with us?

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Mom2fur said...

That's really cute! I love the idea that it's all in one container and can be carried anywhere.
I think a barn with animals would be cute, too!

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