Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkins, Field Trips, and A Wedding...

The past week has been very full so rather than just tell you, I thought I'd show you as well.  October tends to be our crazy month with two birthdays, the fun fall season and Halloween.  This year has been no exception.  One of our favorite tradition is hitting the pumpkin patch, usually the same weekend as Noah's birthday.  Lydia's getting old enough to really get into it as well.  And no doubt about it, they love the bouncing structure.
A rare "sibling love" moment as he helped her down the slide

Wow, looks like it wasn't so rare that day

Searching for her perfect pumpkin
She's two so she couldn't go for the round one near the end that Mommy picked out
She had to find her own

Being in charge as always...
He insisted that he could do it himself

Family photo

That same week, on Noah's birthday, I help chaperone a field trip to the local Convention Center.  Lydia was allowed to come along as well and did a great job.
Her first time on a bus

Noah lining up with the kids for his first time on the bus as well

The New Christy Minstrels
Mommy had a great time too

This past weekend, we were in Tahoe, so we went to a local park for the Salmon Spawning.  I love having the flexibility to take a few days and homeschool and this was a perfect opportunity.  I couldn't believe how much the kids were into it.
Pointing out the crazy bird we saw

Both fascinated by the salmon swimming up stream

She insisted that Mommy read her EVERY sign
By the end, she wanted to read them to me.

Our real purpose for going to Tahoe was my sister in law's wedding.  My husband performed the ceremony and the kids were the ring bearer and flower girl.  Noah took his job very seriously.
Another family photo, Mom?

We'll be good

So that's a world wind tour through the past week or so in our house.  Actually looking forward to a week of doing "house stuff."

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