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Can I DO Cloth Diapering???

I'll admit.  I'd love to be cloth diapering Mama.  I love the whole idea of it.  But after two kids, I still find the concept bewildering and a bit intimidating.  So I invited my good friend, Rachel, to guest post for us today and hopefully shed some light on growing, and green, trend.  Check it out!


Many new parents have great ideas about what they WILL and will NOT do as a parent.  Using cloth diapers is one of those ideas that many people have very strong opinions about. Yet, more often than not those ideas and plans get thrown out the window once the baby arrives.  I know that happened to me.  I was not a green-crunchy mama before having children, and now I consider myself pretty crunchy. 
My intent for this post is NOT to convince you to use cloth diapers and shame on you if you do not.  It is merely to inform you of the different options and to inform you about cloth diapers.

I know that using clothdiapers on your child(ren)  is NOT for everyone.  Yet, I have found it very enjoyable and cost effective!  Plus they look so darn cute!!

There are four different types of cloth diapers:

1. All-In-Ones (or AIO's) ~ These diapers are the easiest and most leak proof diapers to use.  They have a built in diaper cover sewn into the cotton or fleece layer. They fasten with snaps or velcro and work like the ease of a disposable. NO diaper cover required.
    ** Thirsties and BumGenius AIO's **

2.  Prefold and Flat Diapers (old fashion style) ~ These diapers are wonderful for not only diapering but are used as burp cloths, household clean-ups, and so much more. These diapers need to be fastened with pins or a snappi and used with a diaper cover.

3.  Pocket Diaper ~ These diapers have three main components: waterproof outer barrier that is sewn to the second component, an inner moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the skin feeling dry.  These two fabrics form a pocket for the third component, an absorbent insert.  Pocket diapers are more than just two layers of fabric sewn together; they use special materials against the baby's skin to keep the baby's skin dry.
        ** My personal favorites: BumGenius and FuzziBunz**

4. Fitted or Contoured Cloth Diapers ~ These diapers are fitted with snaps or velcro and do require a diaper cover. One of the reasons why customers choose these diapers is because they dry faster than the All-in-One diapers
    ** Kissaluvs and Thirsties **

I personally love and use (on my boys) FuzziBunz and BumGenius clothdiapers.  I have about 50 cloth diapers (for my two small boys).  I bought them in bulk over 4 years ago... and they are still holding up strong!!

I find that clothdiapering my children is financially beneficial for my family.  I do use disposable diapers for night time and for day trips.  I have found that on average I buy diapers every 6 months - and that is the big box from Costco!!

If you are curious to find out more information about clothdiapering... you can check out these links for more information:
Of course you can always google your topic to find out more.

I have found that I LOVE using clothdiapers on my children. 

I find that they have fewer diaper rashes than their disposable using friends. 

I have also found that I am not spending loads of our monthly budget on diapers (because my cloth diapers are handed down from child to child). 

I have not noticed any increase in our water or electricity bill since washing/using cloth diapers.

I LOVE a cute big bulky cloth diapered bum!

If you have any more questions about cloth diapering and my personal experience, please contact me: runningrachel (AT) hotmail (DOT) com .  I would love to help you make the best informed decision for you and your family.

Thank you for reading, feel free to check out my personal blog: Running Rachel ~ Running through life one day at a time.

Running Rachel ~ Running Through Life One Day At A Time

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Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Great article Rachel! I like Fuzzi-buns and I have Bumgenius as well.

Also to note: Kids that wear cloth diapers tend to potty train earlier than those that do not. My own kids are good examples: 2 of them wore cloth and potty trained (day & night) earlier than the one child that did not use cloth.

I heart cloth! (and I still use some disposies as well- ha ha)


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