Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOST (6x11)--Let's Recap

*Disclaimer: If you haven't watched the LOST episode from 4/6, don't read any further.

*This episode opens with Widmore bringing Desmond back to the Island. He says that Desmond is the only person that he knows of that has survived an electromagnetic event and he needs him to do it again, to save the Island. He tells him that if Desmond doesn't help him, everyone he loves, will be gone.

*In Desmond's flash sidewasy, we find that he's single and working as Widmore's right hand. We also learn that Desmond's gift of seeing the future still exists. He correctly predicts that Claire's baby will be a boy.

*Eventually Desmond is put in charge of Charlie through a string of events with Widmore. Charlie tells him that he had a near death experience, seeing a woman that he was in love with, and that this isn't real. He says "I've seen the truth." And he seems to recognize that Desmond needs to see the truth too.

*Charlie tries to kill Desmond, giving him that near death experience, where he finally flashes to seeing Penny and his son. He also sees Charlie's hand and the message "Not Penny's boat." That moment reminds him of what is real. Charlie escapes, telling him to find Penny.

*Desmond is sent to Widmore's house and faces Eloise. Before he leaves, he overhears the name Penny and tries to find out who she is. Eloise tells him, "What happened, happened" (Daniel's words in trying to change the events on the Island. She also tells him that he's not ready to meet Penny, to wait.

*Daniel approaches Desmond and tells him that he's had the same experience as Charlie and Desmond. He also reveals that Penny is his half-sister and tells Desmond where to find her. Desmond goes to meet her and they set up a date.

*Desmond's flash sideways concludes with him saying he has to find the other passangers from his flight to show them the truth.

*After this flash sideways, Desmond agrees to help Widmore. He says, "I understand." He knows he has to save the life he has. But as they go into the jungle, Sayid ambushes the group and takes him. And again, he seems willing to help that side as well.

It looks like Desmond is the key to all of this. I also thought the Christian symbolism was interesting when Widmore comments that he knows about sacrifice, as he sacrificed his own son (Daniel) to save the Island.

This episode seemed like a turning point for me. Finally some people are seeing "the truth" of their reality. There was some momentum rolling toward a conclusion.

So what did you think? Anything I miss? Such a good episode. I hate to see them miss with Desmond's reality, but I loved the way this show gave some forward motion.

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the J in PJs Til Noon said...

I don't think you missed anything. I am wondering if they will go all Matrix on us, this is your blissful world and the island world is the "real" world. Looks like near death experience or seeing your true love are the blue pill. Or is it red? Haha! I should research my examples...

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