Friday, April 2, 2010

An Early Easter Gift

My friend Amy, over at Keeping up with the Schultz Family, has kindly dropped off an Easter basket here at Creative2xmom. But not just any old Easter basket. A virtual Easter basket filled with Hershey's Chocolate.

Really? Is there anything better than those Peanut Butter Eggs that Hershey's makes? I think not.

This is all part of Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop.
Here's a little bit more about the program...

"This Easter season Hershey is all about helping you to create Better Easter Baskets with their special limited edition Easter candies found at Walmart.

More importantly, Hershey wants to promote the idea of going good in our own communities. The Hershey Company is committed to making a difference in the communities where we live in, and has a heritage of giving back to the community."

Thanks to Hershey's and 20 different bloggers looking to blog for a good cause, baskets like the one above were created and given to charities of each bloggers choice to spread Hershey's ongoing message around: We are ALL working together to do good in and out of our own communities!

In addition to those 20 baskets donated to charity,Hershey's is also sponsoring a Better Basket Blog Hopwhere Hershey will donate $10 per blog post entry for theChildren's Miracle Network, up to $5,000.

How fantastic is that?

If you want to be apart of the blog hop, here are the rules:

Copy and paste these rules to your blog post.

Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many
Virtual Baskets as you want.

Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.

Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.

Leave your link at comment section. You can also find the official rules of this#betterbasket blog hop, and more information aboutBetter Basket with Hershey’s there.

Hershey’s is donating $10 per each blog participating to theBetter Basket Blog Hop to Children’s Miracle Network(up to total of $5,000 by blog posts written by April 4th, 2010).

Please note that only one blog post by each blog url will count towards the donation.

So now it's my turn to give away a few baskets. Are you ready?

Bella @ Lil Daises
Kiera @ Chambersmade

Tell me now, what's your favorite Easter treat?

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