Monday, March 22, 2010

Where am I???

From March 22-April 1, my husband will be on a mission trip to China. Yeah, I'm so excited for him. Wow, I'm a little overwhelmed for me. In preparation for his absence I've lined up several pre-posts and guest bloggers so that I can be a better mommy to my two little ones. Posts will still be coming daily, but I will be slow in replying to comments. Sorry! But don't let that stop the conversation. I'll be in and out as I have access to a computer.
Additionally, I'll still be posting LOST recaps, but they will be coming late Thursday evenings during those two weeks. It was the earliest I could schedule computer time. So you'll just have to wait for my insightful revelations into the world of LOST.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Have fun on your trip. When you get back stop by and pick this up..

This is for a great cause and I hope you join in...
Happy Early Easter.

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