Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our backyard friend

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Kristie said...

Ok so I can only find this place to comment and it may be the wrong area but I am not that computer savey! So anyway I am commenting on Date your kids. I remember trying this for the first time with Aidan when he was about 3 and Ethan was under a year. I took A to the park and left E with Trent. Aidan couldn't stand it kept saying Mom you forgot the baby!! We had to leave! So funny because now at 10 and 8 he loves it when we leave E at home!!! Ethan loves to go to the store with me for anything. Aidan is now getting to the age he is not much interested in time with mom or dad too much. A will choose to stay at home while E wants to go "just me Mom?'. So for A it is getting harder but trips to his chiropractor take us to feed the ducks which even at 10 boys never tire of doing! And E still likes to do anything without Brother along!!

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