Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Garden Update

Way back at the end of January, I told ya'll that I was working on my Summer Garden. Well, I'm in the midst of stumbling my way through that.

I purchased the seeds, then forgot all about them. It wasn't until the end of February, that I actually got them planted. So they slowly making their way along. I tried to choose my vegetables carefully for what I thought would grow best in the area I have. As I've said before, we have a pretty well landscaped yard so I wanted to keep the structure of what we have and just fill in. The greatest thing I've learned is starting them in cardboard egg cartons.

Starting them in egg cartons, they are small and portable to start inside and move outside when the sun come out. I love them. Only problem is: we don't seem to go through eggs fast enough.

I started cucumbers. My plan has been to place them near the roses in a space right against the fence. My hubby's next job is build me a trellis for them to climb. I'd also like to do peas, but I think they are more cold weather veggies. So I'm holding off on that one.

I've got some tomatoes started that are doing "ok." We love tomatoes and spend a lot on them. My plan is to pick up a couple of hanging plants for them. I have the perfect place for them on the side of the patio near the kitchen window: full sun, good spot for keeping an eye on them, and hanging planters make them doable in a smaller space.

The lettuce is doing great. It's starting so well. My plan is make them planter veggies, perfect for small places. If it really takes off, I have a place for it between some of the landscaping in the back.

I've also started bell peppers, jalapenos, and basil. They are all growing in varying successes. Nothing more significant to report. I'm looking into making my own hanging planter for those tomatoes. Not sure it will work, but I've got my fingers crossed. I'd love to try pumpkins and watermelons next year, but for now, this is what I have going. it will give me a good idea of what I want to pursue next year. I'm really hoping those tomatoes take off, as well as the peppers.

The following are a few articles that I used in planning for this season:
How to Start a Vegetable Garden
Seed Starters Easy Way
Edible Landscaping
Getting Organized in the Garden

So what are you up to? Garden plans this year? How's it all going? Let us in on your secrets.

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Sherry said...

I so need to figure out what I'm doing this year. I believe I'm going to have to container garden. Do you have any ideas on that?

Megan said...

Great post and super links! I'm trying to incorporate more edible landscaping, too. It should be a fun challenge. Thanks for sharing!

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