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LOST (6x7)--Let's Recap

Spoiler Alert: if you've not watched the LOST episode from 3/9, stop reading.

*Ben runs from the temple after his encounter with Sayid. He finds Ilana, Sun, Miles, and Frnak. He convinces them to return to the beach. Seems so full of memories. Such a flashback to Season One.

*We learn that Ben is a teacher in his flashsideways. We also learn that Dharma and the Island did exist. Ben and his dad where there. But they left. His dad is afraid that Ben could have been more if they had stayed.

*We learn that Ilana knows there are six candidates left and that Sun and Jin are one of them. Although she doesn't know which one.

*Alex shows up as one of Ben's students. They seem to have a close relationship. She tells him about the affair between the principal and the nurse. Ben hacks the principal's inbox and attempts to blackmail him for his position. The prinicipal in turn blackmails Ben by holding Alex's college recommendation over his head. He asks if the principal's "power" is worth it to Ben. Ben sacrifices his need for "power" in favor of protecting Alex. He redeems himself. He overcomes his greed both on and off the Island.

*In the beginning, Ben the teacher remarks on the Island of ELBA. This is where "Napoleon looses his power." Ben remarks that without his power, he might as well have been dead. This is how we find the Ben of the Island, without power and feeling as though he has no hope. And digging his own grave as Ilana intends to shoot him for killing Jacob.

*On the other hand, Smokie closely resembles Napoleon himself. Two episodes again, he claimed to be stuck on the Island and attempting to escape.

*Miles "reads" Jacob's ashes and tells who killed him. And he tells us more. Jacob was hoping Ben would come through, that Jacob was wrong about him. Miles also read the two bodies buried in diamonds and at the end we see him studying the diamonds. His greed is revealed just as Ben changes his ways. Will Miles turn out to be a plant by Smokie?

*Richard reappears and yet we don't know what side he's on. He says they wouldn't believe him if he said where he's been. So where has he been? To hell and back? He says that Jacob gave him a gift and that's why he doesn't age. He leads Jack and Hurely to the ship and says that everyone at the temple is dead. He tells Hurley not to believe Jacob. He wants to die, but says that by being "touched" by Jacob, he can't die, can't even kill himself. (This is a great flashback to when Jack tried to kill himself off the Island; a car accident stopped him). This gift that Jacob gave him is actually a curse. He feels that his life has had no purpose.

*After Jack lights the dynamite to "kill" Richard, instead of running, Jacks sits next to him and says, "Let's talk." Jack knows that Jacob was watching him and therefore will not let him die. He doesn't yet realize he too was touched by Jacob. And thus the conversion of Jack to a Man of Faith is complete.

*Smokie appears to Ben. And we find that Ben is torn between the light and the dark. Smokie tries to recruit him by promising him the power to "Protect" the Island after he leaves. (as we know Smokie will promise anything to his recruits as exhibited by his promise to Sayid). Smokie sets up a scenario for Ben to escape and Ben runs. Ben has a heart rendering moment in which he tells Ilana he chose the Island over Alex in Jacob's name. He killed Jacob out of anger and fear of loosing his "power". He's sorry that he killed Jacob and doesn't expect forgiveness. He asks to leave, to go to Smokie, saying he's the only one who will have me. To which Ilana replies, "I'll have you." A stunned Ben follows her as she walks away. Ben sacrifices his need for power in favor of working with the Survivors. Talk about Biblical parallel. Most powerful scene of the night.

*In the end, Jack, Hurley, and Richard come walking into the beach camp to be reunited with Ilana and the other survivors. Ilana meets Jack and Hurley. And in this strange turn of events, Widmore is spying on them from his submarine. He tells his crew to "proceed as planned." It seems clear now that he is working with Smokie. Flash back to Season Three (?), Widmore told Locke that if he would return to the Island, the right side would win. That's when Locke started gathering the Candidates and when Ben killed him to protect his "power."

*I can't help but wonder about Frank. Could he be the piece of this puzzle that holds it all together? He's not a candidate and yet the Island does keep drawing him there. He didn't return on his own, or coming looking for someone.

Favorite Quote of the Night:
“Wanna try another stick?” – Jack

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