Monday, March 10, 2008

St Patrick's Day Fun-- Part 1

In preparation for St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd post a few ideas this week that you can do in your own home, either next Monday or adapted to use throughout the year.  So who's up for a little dessert?

Shamrock Shakes
2 cups milk
2 scoops of lime sherbet
2 ripe bananas

Blend together.

Couldn't be easier, right?  Hum... makes my mouth water just thinking about it.


CableGirl said...

sounds yummy. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Skittles said...

That sounds SO good!!! I'll have to try it. :)

Was this a Heads Or Tails post? If so, please add a link and let me know so I can add you to the blogroll. :)

Misty Dawn said...

This sounds so yummy!

tumblewords said...

Yummy! And green, too!

Laane said...

Green and tasy. Thanks!

My "green" is up too ::here::

Enjoy your day!

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