Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nutrious Snacks for Healthy Kids

My silly kids covering their eyes with carrot coins.

Every week as we put together the grocery shopping list, I'm overwhelmed with how much these kids eat.  Especially my oldest.  He's a "human trash compactor."  Any other Mamas shouting out a "Hallelujah"?  These are just a few of the snacks that I reach for over and over again. 

Fruit Based Snacks
Any fresh fruit
Baked apple with cinnamon
Dried fruit
Frozen banana with chocolate
Homemade popsicles
Fruit and yogurt

Veggie Based Snacks
Any fresh veggies
Veggies with hummus or bean dip
Pita chips and salsa
Ants on a log
Tomato and cucumber salad
Jicama and salsa
Tomato topped with toasted Parmesean

Crunchy snacks
Edamame with sea salt
Toasted nuts
Nut bars

Protein snacks
Cottage cheese and crackers
Turkey rolled in lettuce
String cheese
Greek yogurt and jam
Hard boiled eggs

Goofy girl!

(These photos were from 3 years ago.  What a blast from the past!)

What's your go-to nutritious snack?

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