Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You might be a mom if...

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You announce that you need to go potty and ask if anyone else needs to go

You know how to clean marker, grease, smoothie, or poop off everything

You find yourself counting heads in a crowd

You find yourself counting to 10 on a hourly basis

You clean everything with baby wipes

Your purse can carry cars, crayons, library books, diapers, AND your kids' pictures

You can't see a speck of white on your refrigerator

You wouldn't dare go on a road trip without an audio book

You dread stepping on a lego in the middle of the night

Your alarm clock plays the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

You can turn the names Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria into a song

You know all the super powers of the Super Why kids (and dog)

You wear character band-aids

You're not sure when you last took a shower

You carry an old cloth diaper in the car for bloody noses

You're not sure where something is so you head straight for the mini-van

You keep an emergency kit in the car, stocked with band-aids, ointment, and a lollipop

You've ever called your husband "Daddy"

You cancel going out of town for the weekend and sit on an uncomfortable set of bleachers to watch your child play one baseball inning

You find yourself creating a Star Wars Jedi costume out of Ace bandages and rubber boots

Two minutes in the bathroom ... with the door closed... is your idea of a vacation

There's a hidden jar of nutella in the back of the pantry

While nursing the baby to sleep, you're the one that takes a nap

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