Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Victim of Grace {Review}

Having read the Christy Miller series as a young adult, I was interested to pick up something new from Robin Jones Gunn.  Victim of Grace reads like an autobiography highlighting moments in Jones Gunn's life where she was captured by god's grace in her life.  Often she didn't know it at the time, but in looking back, the Lord was leading her into new places of wisdom, maturity, and ultimately blessing.

Included in each chapter is a Biblical story that goes along with the theme.  Mentioned more than one is the story of Naomi and Ruth, how Ruth's loyalty to her mother in law ultimately blessed Naomi with an abundance of grace.  While the retelling is insightful, the connection between the Biblical example and the author's example isn't always clear.

And while the author does write clearly, I found the book lacking depth.  I hate to critique a personal story.  They're so intimate.  But there was something about this book that didn't ring true.  The author does take us to deep places of hurt and emotion.  And yet, with a turn of the page, the tone turned a bit too optimistic.  Maybe I'm just a cynic, but there was such a switch, it was hard to follow.

With discussion questions, this book would make for a light beginning Bible study.  But for further reflection, I'd keep looking.

*Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from Booksneeze.com for my honest opinion.  All thoughts are my own.

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