Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simple Living: Part Fourteen

Today's topic for Simple Living is "A Mother's Work is Never Done."

In other words, we're brainstorming ideas for how to make the weekend more restful when, as moms, we live at our jobs.

I've thought about it a lot this week and came up with a few ideas. As well as a few revelations about myself. Here's what I've been thinking about:

*If I plan to be restful, I am 100% more likely to see it happen. If I plan to need a break or plan an outing with the family, our weekend refreshes us for the coming week. However, if we just let the day go by like any other, I come into Monday wondering why I'm so exhausted.
*Saturday breakfasts are always a special event in our house. I love to cook so this fits into my personality. We rotate three items: pancakes, gingerbread waffles, or a baked good. Hubby and I take turns making breakfast and letting the other sleep in. Saturday breakfasts are slow and everyone stay in their jammies as long as they can.
*Sundays are busy around here. My husband is gone usually from 7 am till 11 am and again 4pm-7pm. So there is time in the afternoon, but we try to go out with friends or new acquaintances from church. Since it is so busy for hubby, I try to keep the kids strictly routined on those days. Naps and meals are consistent as possible. Dinner is something easy as Daddy's gone and we're all just relaxing. This week we're just going for something similar to potato bar. Quick and easy.
*Sunday lunches are for family or meeting with people from church. So sometimes we'll go out to In 'N' Out. We found that going out for lunch was getting hard on Baby Girl 'cause she still takes a morning nap during that time. So alot of times we'll get take out then open up our home to have people over. The last few days, I've been considering making some freezer meals so that I can pop something in the oven on a Sunday morning to have for lunch.

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