Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How do I love thee?

As moms, wifes, sisters, daughters, ... women... it's often times easy to get caught up in doing for others, most likely to the neglect of ourselves. We dream big dreams for those around us. We sacrifice to help others on the journey. And how often we find ourselves, tired, restless, and burnt out.

I'm a classic overachiever, dabbler of many things, often lacking balance in my own life. However, as I continue on this journey of balance seeking, June Cleaver dreaming, self-sacrificing motherhood, I've found a few things that keep me sane. A few things that allow me to replenish.

*Time with the Lord- Now one day I dream of having a half hour, even 15 min, to just read and meditate on the Word. Time to just sit still. But with a busy 3 year old, and attached 1 year old, those days seem a ways off still. For now, my greatest tool has been memorizing Scripture, something I started with my son that has turned into a joy and encouragement for me. So those times when I'm feeling dry, lost, running out of patience, I draw on the truths that I know.

*Consistent workouts- Though these days I'm just getting back into a workout routine, I find that I'm more rejuvenated, energetic, and excited to be with my family when I have those workouts to look forward to. I'm striving to do it 4-5 days a week, no excuses, no regrets. I'm building up my body to work for me, to help me reach the full potential of life. To be a better mom.

*Scrapbooking nights with a friend- This is something that I've long dreamed of doing. Finding someone to chat with while we work away. I love to scrapbook and craft. But scrapbooking is my first love. So a friend and I have gotten our heads together and found a night that works for both of us and are going to start getting together in the next couple of weeks. Just a couple of hours. Just a couple of hours to not have demands on me as a mother or wife. Just a couple of hours to be creative, relax and fellowship.

There are other things in my day. A few moments on the couch with my husband while the kids play. Finishing a blog while Big Boy finishes breakfast. Going to the bathroom with the door closed. But those moments are sporatic and all too short. These are the disciplines I'm putting to place in my life to make me wholer, calmer, more myself. And more capable of accomplishing the challenge of motherhood.

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Aimee said...

Going to the bathroom with the door closed really is a luxury sometimes, isn't it? I really love your idea of memorizing scripture. It's something I've thought about doing with my children but haven't yet. Thanks!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Bravo!!! I'm trying to do much of the same.

Momza said...

HI there, I had to laugh at your confession of being an OVERACHEIVER!--just like every other LDS woman I've ever known!
It's Cultural...Latter-Day Saints dont' just want to "go to heaven", we want to be partners with God.
It is not in us to be small and quiet.
Well done!

Maple said...

This has been my objective in the last year, "...disciplines I'm putting to place in my life to make me wholer, calmer, more myself". Nice thoughts.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I love that you use the word discipline. How we discipline ourselves to use our time wisely making sure each need is met is the great challenge of motherhood.

kjha said...

Your phrase about building up your body may be just the thing to get me working out again! Thanks!

Meg said...

I've always been amazed at how many moms can't be in the bathroom alone. When my children were really small I always taught that bathroom time is "personal" time and mommy (or daddy) would be there in a minute. Yet, I'd have friends over and they be amazed my children would "let me" go to the bathroom alone. Huh? I never realized that wasn't an option. :)

Sea Star said...

"Wholer, calmer and more myself." That is what I need too and am trying to become. Great thoughts on the topic.

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