Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reach Access Flosser

Our family places a large emphasis on dental hygiene.  Through the years of dental insurance vs. no dental insurance, we've tried to take good care of our teeth no matter what.  Still I don't like to floss.  It's often been a point of joking between my husband and I, how I place so much importance on teeth and yet I'm the one who doesn't floss.  Until now.  I have found the greatest invention.

I never believed that flossing my teeth could be so easy and so quick.  There's no hands to get in the way and because of its shape, it's easy for my to see if the flosser is getting around each tooth.  I can see it working away the debris.  And instead of replacing the flosser head each day, I simply soak it in a little mouth wash and replace it as needed.  It's that simple.

Take it from a reformed Non-Flosser.  This little gadget really Works for Me.


queenoftheclick said...

Oh it looks good and easy to use too.

On the site, there is a fill in for a free sample.

So thank you and thank you!

Audra Krell said...

Oh I hate flossing so much! But, I have noticed when me or one of us in our family of five starts to get a cold, if we increase the flossing, we cna fight it off sometimes and avoid it all together! Something to think about. I think the gums harbor a lot of bacteria when we don't floss. Thanks for the great tip.

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