Friday, July 4, 2008

Book Club Note--New Book Chosen

I hope you've found that you've been growing from reading "Shepherding a Child's Heart."  I certainly know that I have been.  The changes in our home have been encouraging and we've found new ways to communicate with our kids.  It's also encouraged us to continually be seeking the Lord about how he sees our children, beyond our day to day frustrations or proud parent moments.

Having the accountability to blog twice a week has really helped me to think through what I'm reading and keep going.  It's been exciting to see how God has used the combo of this blog and this book to grow our family.  

As you know, we only have one week's worth of reading left in "Shepherding."  So I've been doing a little research and plan to start reading "Simple Faith" by Charles Swindoll in the near future.  Starting the week of July 14, I will be posting for two chapters each Friday.  Rather than Monday and Friday, we will combine the two chapters for discussion on Fridays.  So pick up a copy and get ready to discover what it looks like to live a life of "Simple Faith."

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