Monday, July 21, 2008

Encouraging Socialization

On A Place of Our Own today, the topic was Kindergarten readiness. The issues discussed included a range of social, academic and physical skills. As parents we often focus on the issue of academic, but what about the social issues? What do those include and how can we facilitate that readiness?

Some ways in which I encourage socialization in my child include:
  1. Play dates--If you draw a blank when arranging play days, try to look outside the next door neighbor.  Do you attend a church?  Is there a local YMCA?  Do you see the same moms at the park?  
  2. Sunday School--Children often make friends even when we're not around.  Pick up your child a few minutes early to see who he's playing with and meet other parents as they pick up their kids.
  3. Sport events--Big Boy just finished swim lessons and an unexpected thing happened to me while I was sitting watching.  I met another mommy with a children both his age and the same age as Baby Girl.  Who knew that so much bonding could happen over watching our children try to coordinate their hands and feet?
  4. Siblings of older friends--Big boy has a few older friends who have younger siblings.  Don't discount these younger sibling on account of having to share friends with another child.  In fact, this is the easiest way to arrange socialization time for your child.  What could be easier than have everyone together for some peanut butter and jelly and mommy time?
So what Works for You in arranging socialization opportunities for your children?

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