Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Asking for help

Sorry ladies.  Nuttin' is workin' for me lately.  It seems like I try to pull together my schedule and "routinize" our house, but in the summer, it just ain't workin'.  So I'm making this my own personal "Backwards Wednesday."  I'm hoping some of you creative gals from Shannon's WFMW will have some ideas for me.  So here's a few things that have been stumping me lately:
  • Potty training: If you're a regular reader you know that Big Boy is almost 3 years old and started out very interested in potty training.  Now he just doesn't care.  Got any motivation tips for me?
  • Slowing down: Seems like no matter how much we try to slow down, there's always more to do than time to do it in.  Whether I want to do it or hubby wants to do it or the kids want to do it, how do you keep your eyes on simplfying?
  • Meal planning: I'm looking for EASY meals to prepare in the summer.  Something that won't heat up my kitchen or takes a lot of prep work.  Again, back to that simplifying.
  • Me time: How do you sneak in a little bit of time for yourself with little ones in the house?  And how do you keep from feeling guilty about it?
Tell me ladies!  What works for you???


Dot said...

For the reluctant potty trainee I suggest bribing and charts. Usually once a child is dry and clean for a period of time they get used to that and don't want to start wetting and soiling themselves again. It becomes even more uncomfortable after having experienced cleanliness.

As for simplifying...you just have to say no even when it hurts. I'm still in the learning process of saying "no", but it's getting easier. I even had to hide out and use my caller id as a shield until people started forgetting about me. It's working!

Jodi said...

getting up early is one of the only ways I can find "me" time...unfortunately, I don't like to get up early and don't seem to be doing it very often lately. Got to get more disciplined @ that!!

Meg said...

Regarding potty training, my son lost interest as he neared 3. We didn't make a big deal about it - we actually "forgot about it" until he began to ask again to use the potty. One day, it just clicked, and he was ready -- it was so much nicer than bribing and getting frustrated over it! Boys take longer, too, remember - our son will be 4 in Sept. and just recently can go totally by himself - and we still have some nighttime accidents every now and again.

Me time? My youngest is almost 2 and still takes 2 hour naps. I set up my oldest for a "quiet time" during 1 hour of her nap - time alone in his room reading, playing with his trains or legos, watching a movie on my laptop, or playing preschool CDROM games. I get an hour to myself, and we all three end up being refreshed!

Meal solutions? I would love the same! I have a very hot and humid kitchen in the summer....

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