Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Teaching Tuesday--Sensory Writing

I got this idea from a great newsletter provided by Preschool rock.  I've recreated it here with a few adaptations.  The original article can accessed by following the link on the title of the activity.  
Sensory Writing

Cookie sheet with edge

  1. Fill cookie sheet with enough salt to write in.
  2. Demonstrate for the child how to write in the salt.  Your child can start out making simple to complex drawings and graduate up to letters and numbers.
  3. Give your child letter strips or a sheet of paper with the alphabet clearly marked on it to practice shapes and figures.
  4. You can also use alphabet stencils for the child to trace letters with his fingers.
  5. Use this activity further to introduce vocabulary words related to the feeling of the salt and cookie sheet.  Which is rough and which is smooth?  
  6. Encourage your child to describe what it feels like and what he is doing.
  7. When your child is through with a drawing, help him to gently shake the sheet back and forth, clearing the picture and allowing him to start again.
  8. This activity can also be done with sand and you make add water to either once your child tires of writing.  Use the addition of water to talk about how it changes the properties of the salt or sand.  What is different?  What made it different?  What can he do with the elements now?

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