Monday, July 21, 2008

Making your Home a Haven

Crystal, over at Biblical Womanhood, is challenging us one again to make our homes a "haven." Our special challenge today is to beautify our homes. Today I'm choosing to beautify my home by spending more time with my children. We've been on the road a lot this month and although we've been together, the kids have been pretty unsettled. We have one more big push to get through the month and Big Boy will be spending several days with Grandma while my husband and I are at a church staff retreat. So today I'm soaking in the "beauty" of being at home with my kids. Washing dishes, maybe throwing in a load of laundry,... but just spending time enjoying my kids. Popping in a worship CD, lighting some candles, breaking out the puzzles and enjoying being home... that's my "haven." As far as the usual,

1)Refresh your spirit
Still reading My Utmost for His Highest. Today's devotion is about recognizing our own poverty, and inability to live up to God's standard. Knowing that the only way we can reach God's ideal is with his help.

2)Morning Routine
What 5 things do I accomplish first in my day?

1. get up and spend time with God
2. make breakfast
3. nurse
4. make bed
5. dress kids and get them ready

3)Take time to plan
What 5 things are on my to do list today? As I've said, I always have 101 things on that list, but what am I doing today?

1. unload and reload dishwasher
2. handwash and put away some pots and pans
3. blog some items for the week
4. rest
5. rest

4)What's for dinner?
Well, the plan has been to make a pizza roll. But I just got a phone call about having dinner with friends this evening. So I'm trying to reach my husband to see if those plans for him. In the meantime, I'm thawing the pizza dough.

5)Project of the Day
Beautify your home. Do something small or something big, but do something. Beautify your home today.

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