Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday--It's the little things

Do you ever find it's the little things that always add up on you? All those little tasks that if you'd just take 5 minutes they'd be done, but instead they get put off for weeks. That out house. All those little things...

Like getting Baby Girls birth announcement put in the newspaper? She's almost 7 months for dang sakes and I still haven't done. I've gotta do that as well as put it in the alumni newsletter.

Or making those stinking appointments? I need to find a new doctor and make an appointment. Not that hard, but I haven't done it for 2 months.

Or what about reserving that book from the library I want? Just a few minutes online and it's on the hold shelf for me.

Other than that, it's the usual. Unpacking from Nana and Papa's this weekend and packing to go camping with Grandma this coming weekend. Running Big Boy to swim lessons. Getting ready for small group. And who has potty trained a boy? I need some wisdom and encouragement. Right now, I think he's going to be wearing diapers to college. No, I'm not kidding.


Heart of Wisdom said...

I know what you mean, for me I have to make the list the night before of all those little things and the next morning...HIT THE LIST.
At the end of that day I feel I have accomplished alot.


Audra Krell said...

You are running and running. I potty trained three boys and it was tremendously hard. They were all close to three before we had everything taken of. One had a nightime "Problem" and it didn't fully resolve until he was 12. It was very difficult to deal with but he did outgrow it eventually.

Karen said...

He will be potty trained when he is ready. Don't sweat it. Enjoy your days and don't let the little things get you down. I love that you live close enough to both sets of parents to enjoy being with them! Or did you say you unpacked suitcases. Going back to re-read. Have a great Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

my son(s) .. i've done one so far.. we started at 18 months.. nothing.. than 2 years.. nothing at 2.5 years though he decided he was ready.. it took a movie and a car toy lol.

The Apron Queen said...

You go girl! Great tackle! :D

I'm tackling My Bucket List and a great giveaway. Pop on over to check it out: http://anapronaday.blogspot.com/search/label/bucket%20list

Today's Bucket List item was Kiss the Most Beautiful Girl in the World!

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