Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ukraine TEAM working with Special Needs

As you know I've been journaling in my Ukraine 2003 scrapbook this month. It's been a wonderful time for reliving memories, remembering friends, and praying for a country to has long had a place in my heart. I'm very thankful for the time I've had there and can't wait to pass on these memories to my children one day.

I'd planned on posting photos from 2003 this week, but instead I came across a post that I'd like to share with you instead. There is a team from Arkansas going to Ukraine in April which will be working with special needs children. Now all orphans in Ukraine are at high risk of becoming institutionalized. But special needs children are essentially ostracized from society.

Special needs children are misunderstood. They are thought to be unteachable, throw aways. The Ukrainian view of special needs is limited and in need of development.

So here is a group who understands that much of the mistreatment is due to lack of knowledge. And they are offering their experience and education to help. From reading the post, past trips such as this one have brought many improvements in the children's way of life and how they are treated. But it all takes time. And each trip is a necessary step in the right direction.

Please consider supporting them by whatever means possible. On the site, they have several needs listened as well as how to donate monetarily. Please take the time to just consider: consider a world outside our own, consider children apart from our own, consider ...

The Summerfords: Ukraine Bound

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