Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LOST (6x5)--Let's Recap

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for last night's episode (and the illogical ramblings of a LOST fan). Read at your own risk.

Still moving sideways and yet something is amiss with a scar on Jack's side. It triggers a memory of his father. A memory that shows his father loved him, but didn't know how to show it. And as we flash to Jack's son (didn't see that one coming), we find that Jack's relationship with the boy is a mirror for his relationship with Christian. A pattern that is repeating itself. Christian has a hold on Jack that extends beyond the grave. Not only is Christian affecting Jack's relationship with David, Jack's own anger toward his father caused him to smash the coffin when it was empty on the Island.

It seems as though Jack tried to change this destructive pattern when his father died. The message he left on David's phone... Jack actually tried to reach out and stop the cycle. We find that David has been hiding his talent from his father so as to alleviate the pressure that Jack exerts upon him. The conversation in the parking lot is very heartfelt and seems to bring healing. One has to wonder is moving sideways wouldn't have been better for Jack. Especially when he mentions to Hurley that he returned to the Island because he was "broken."

Hurley has replaced Locke as the Man of Faith. That's why Jacob appears to him. That's why he could see Charlie and possibly Libby. Hurley is a man that believes in the Island and will act as a recruiter for Jacob.

Jack is our Man of Science, still. That's why he can't see Jacob, and why Jacob can't just tell him what he need to know. Jack has to work it out for himself. However, we still see predestination working it self out as Jacob manipulates them in going to the lighthouse and Jack discovering the picture of his boyhood home.

David was reading Annotated Alice- is being on the Island like going through the Rabbit Hole? If this whole things turns out to be a dream....?

And here we are back to Claire. Very Rousseau like. What happened after Christian? Claire mentions infection in Jin, and we see him being "recruited," unintentionally by Claire and Smokie. Iana said that Smokie can't take other forms now that he's in Locke's body so why doesn't Claire recognize him? It leads me to believe that he was Christian before and that's how Claire became "infected." But if he switched to Locke, why couldn't he switch again?

The lighthouse... Hugo says, "Guess we weren't looking for it." Have the LOSTIES been looking for the wrong thing? Not looking for the light. They turn the wheel to 108 degrees, the number of minutes every time Desmond pushed the button. Till Jack changes it to 123 degrees. There we see Jack's house in the mirrors. When Jack breaks the mirrors, I'm frustrated to see we'll never learn WHAT was at 108 degrees. Could it have been the destruction of the Island? Then again, if Hurley's number is 8, could the 108 have been insight into Hurley's character?

This idea of 108 continues to intrigue me. Must they all come together, forming 108 with their numbers, in order to save the Island?

What's the significance of "You have what it takes?" It's what Jack's been waiting to hear from his father his whole life. Calling David from Sydney was the first step in stopping that cycle that his father started. And the next step was reaching out to David after his audition. But back on the Island, Jack is still waiting to have that conversation with David. He's still waiting to be healed.

I also discovered in reading up on this episode, a viewer mentioned the scene from Season 3 when Ben is discussing the possibility of Jack operating on him, an other says, "But he's not even on Jacob's list." If Jack isn't the one on Jacob's list, who is Shepard? Christian? A future Kate Shepard? David? Claire, even?

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Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

In "White Rabbit" from season one, Christian tells Jack that "he doesn't have what it takes." So Jacob knew it would manipulate Jack. I was thinking that No. 108 was Desmond but when they showed 108 on the dial it had the name "Wallace". I'm completely confused now :) Great recap!

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